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  • Darjeeling, Green, and Oolong Teas are subtle compliments to Chicken dishes.
  • Fish Dishes can be enjoyed with teas flavored with Lemon or Greens teas. Any of the Bigelow Teas with lemon are suggested. (Lemon Lift, Green tea with Lemon or I Love Lemon are just a few to enjoy)
  • Fish dishes are also paired well with plain black teas such as Bigelow Oolong or Darjeeling. 
  • Lamb is often complimented with mint. Enjoy Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea or for an herb variety Bigelow Mint Medley with lamb dishes.
  • Recipes made with Beef are best paired with stronger teas like our Darjeeling or English Breakfast varieties.
  • Recipes using "Constant Comment" are nice with a plain Black tea since Orange and Sweet spice flavor is very distinct. Suggestions are Bigelow English Teatime or English Breakfast.


Over the years, we have discovered that the delicious taste sensations of Bigelow Tea are not limited to the tea cup at tea time. When used as a flavor base tea adds a wonderful aroma and subtle notes, as well as a rich color to baked goods. Developed in the R.C. Bigelow test kitchens in Fairfield, Connecticut, the recipes draw their subtle, sweet or exotic tastes from our delicious teas.


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