Tea Makes Life Not So Complex

Tea Makes Life Not So Complex by Catherine Saxelby

Research into tea and its health properties has been growing each year. We've been hearing about tea's powerful antioxidants (known collectively as flavonoids) that can help keep the heart healthy. Scientists think that the tea flavonoids work by relaxing blood vessels allowing blood to flow more evenly, or by keeping the arteries "flexible" and elastic.

The amount and type of flavonoids in tea depends on the variety, the amount of tea used in the pot or cup, and how long you brew it for. They are present in similar amounts in black (regular) and green teas but not in herbal infusions which are not made from the camellia sinensis tea plant.

Tea has long been valued for its ability to both relax and refresh. Now scientists have discovered that a unique natural compound known as theanine seems responsible.

A newly-published review from the University of South Australia into the psychological effects of tea reveals that theanine may curb the over-stimulating effects of caffeine to enhance speed and accuracy and diminish mental fatigue.

The review reveals that tea, consumed regularly throughout the day, can help you through complex tasks such as switching attention and being able to ignore distraction tasks that may be hindered by overstimulation and which are important for today's hectic lifestyle. So a cup of tea really is a great way to start and get through the day.

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