Which of your teas do not contain soy lecithin?

Which of your teas do not contain soy lecithin?

American Classic

Novus Kenilworth Ceylon

American Classic Charleston Breakfast

Novus Kenilworth Ceylon Decaffeinated

American Classic Governor Gray

Novus Organic Jasmine Green

American Classic Island Green

Novus Organic Sencha Green

American Classic Island Green Mint

Novus Organic South Indian Select Fair Trade

American Classic Plantation Peach

Novus Pai Mu Tan

American Classic Rockville Raspberry

Novus Persian Pomegranate Herb

Chocolate Chai

Novus Sapphire Earl Grey

Cinnamon Stick

Novus Spiced Chai

Constant Comment

Novus Wild Encounter Herb Tea

Constant Comment Decaffeinated

Oolong Tea

Cozy Chamomile Herb Tea

Organic Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated

Darjeeling Tea

Organic Ceylon Fair Trade

Earl Grey

Organic Chamomile Citrus Herb Tea

Earl Grey Decaffeinated

Organic Green / Pure Green

Earl Grey Green

Organic Green / Pure Green Decaffeinated

English Breakfast

Organic Green Pomegranate & Acai

English Teatime

Organic Imperial Earl Grey with Malva Flowers

English Teatime Decaffeinated

Organic Moroccan Mint Herb Tea

Green Tea

Organic Rooibos with Asian Pear

Green Tea Decaffeinated

Organic White with Raspberry & Chrysanthemum

Green Tea with Mint

Peppermint Herb Tea

Jasmine Green

Plantation Mint

Mint Medley Herb Tea

Raspberry Royale

Novus Citrus Chamomile Herb Tea

Red Raspberry Herb Tea

Novus Darjeeling

Red Raspberry Iced Tea

Novus Dragon Well Green

Sweet Dreams Herb Tea

Novus Egyptian Mint Herb Tea

White Chocolate Obsession



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