Is there any dairy or dairy products in your teas?

Is there any dairy or dairy products in your teas?

Dairy products are not used as primary ingredients in our teas.  A few flavors we use in some of our teas contain a trace amount of butter fatty acids (butter esters) to enhance the natural flavors.  These flavors are classified as Kosher Dairy in accordance with Kosher practices and certification requirements, although they do not contain milk protein.

The following Bigelow Teas are Kosher Dairy and include these types of flavors are:

AriZona Green with Pomegranate & Acai Pomegranate Blueberry Herb+
Eggnogg'n Spiced Chai
French Vanilla Spiced Chai Decaffeinated
French Vanilla Decaffeinated Vanilla Caramel
Green Chai Vanilla Chai
Lemon Ginger Herb+
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