Employee Commitment

Employee Commitment

We remind ourselves every day that we only have one earth and we all need to do our part, one step at a time!

Here at Bigelow, all employees are committed to making a difference. All three Bigelow facilities have formed "Green Teams". The teams' objectives are to educate Bigelow employees about environmentally friendly practices, identify new initiatives to make Bigelow Tea more environmentally friendly and implement these new initiatives. Meet the Bigelow "Trash Hippies", and our new "EIT" (Employee Involvement Team), our two Boise, Idaho Green Teams, and learn how they are making an impact and here are some additional ways we're all making a difference at Bigelow Tea: 

  • Actively participating in local annual Earth Day events
  • Encouraging employees to car pool to work, offering subsidized commutation costs
  • Educating Bigelow customers (e.g. Sam's Club) on Bigelow Tea's SustainabiliTea programs
  • Recycling empty inkjet cartridges and donating to a program called "Funding Factory Cartridge Recycling Program" allowing teachers to use the funds raised by this program to buy computer supplies for the children.
  • Installed recycling bins in the cafeteria to separate metal, glass and redeemable items
  • Recycling old sneakers for Nike "Reuse-a-Shoe" program that creates playing surfaces for underserved communities
  • Encouraging employees to use both sides of paper in the printers and copy machines throughout the facility
  • Recycling white paper by discarding previously used paper into recycle bins once both sides of the paper have been used
  • Tracking department paper use on monthly basis to continue to reduce unnecessary paper copying
  • Sharing trade publications within departments and with other departments
  • Discontinued publication subscriptions that are offered online or are no longer necessary or relevant
  • Utilizing packaging materials that are biodegradable (e.g. tea paper filter bag, tea tags, outer case shipper cartons) versus those made from plastics Biodegradable products are able to be broken down by natural processes into more basic components, rather than being discarded into landfill.
  • Invited local companies such as the local utility company to visit Bigelow Tea in order to educate employees on energy savings tips and services such as home energy audits, rebates on energy efficient appliances and air-conditioner trade-ins
  • Replaced 100% of our cleaning supplies with "green' cleaners
  • Sponsored "Bring your mug to work day" to reduce the use of Styrofoam cups
  • Installed compact florescent light bulbs throughout the three facilities
  • Implemented a program to recycle video tapes. Employees bring old video tapes to work and Bigelow employees deliver them to recycling locations
  • Implemented an on-going book swap by placing bookshelves in company First-Aid room to encourage employees to donate and borrow books
  • Converted to recyclable cups and plates in company cafeteria
  • Converted the majority of all invoices to electronic payments (eliminating paper checks)
  • Installed LED dock lights on our loading docks to reduce energy consumption
  • Installed programmable thermostats on water heaters throughout the facilities in order to save energy and money by automatically adjusting the hot water temperature when the building is not occupied. This has saved over 7,000 kilowatts of energy translating to over 7,000 pounds of carbon or 115,000 trees annually.
  • Installed motion detectors in each office to automatically turn out the lights when the office is not occupied
  • Installed a dumpster to recycle metal-based materials such as old broken pallet jacks, metal shelving, machine shop scrap aluminum and carbon steel. tin spools and other recyclable metals
  • Established programs to recycle electronics equipment such as computers and photo copiers
  • Recycling disposable batteries and replaced them with rechargeable batteries
  • Incorporated annual "Green Goals" into employee and department goals to ensure green initiatives are a company-wide priority
  • Provide every employee with a free reusable shopping bag to encourage the use of reusable items. In addition, with every green initiative, the Bigelow Green Team shares new "green" tips and education with employees.
  • Post "Weekly Green Tips" on the Bigelow Intranet website and company bulletin board.
  • Created "Libraries" on each floor to share print materials and periodicals
  • Replaced conventional plastic trash bags with biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Installed flow restrictors in corporate restroom sinks and kitchenettes reducing the amount of gallons per minute flowing from the sinks saving 1/2 gallon per minute of water usage in our sinks for a total savings of over 56,000 gallons of water annually!



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