Bigelow Tea Constant Comment Whiffing Jar Story

The Whiffing Jar

This Little Jar Put "Constant Comment" on the Map

In the forties during the very first years of our company's existence, we found we had a very serious problem.  It was a very serious problem and had we not solved it, the Bigelow Tea Company would never have existed.  The problem: "Constant Comment" Tea, my mother's creation blending tea with golden orange rind and sweet spice, was not selling at retail.  People had no idea what it was.  How could we inform them?  ENTER THE WHIFFING JAR.  You see "Constant Comment" Tea has a wonderful fragrance.  When people get a whiff of it, they love it and want to try it.  So, we created the whiffing jar, a small glass jar with an easily removable screw cap that we filled with "CC" and put next to the display of our tea in the store.  Voila.  People picked up the jar, unscrewed the cap, took a whiff and the sale was made.  In the first fifteen years of our existence, we placed tens of thousands of whiffing jars in gift shops and specialty stores all across the country.  Wherever it went it truly did its job.  The whiffing jar made the Bigelow Tea company.  - David Bigelow

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