Bigelow Tea Constant Comment First Canister Story

Our First Canister

Do You Remember Your First Sip of "Constant Comment"?

It's almost impossible to describe how small the future Bigelow Tea Company was when my parents, Ruth and David Bigelow, Sr. first opened the doors for business in 1945.  My mother, a well-known New York interior decorator for over thirty years, was still working with clients on the one hand while in the evening making small batches of her creation, "Constant Comment" Tea, a blend of black tea with golden orange rind and sweet spice.  We were living in Manhattan and our big account was Bloomingdale's Gourmet Food Shop about a block away.  They were packing the tea in a quarter pound canister which featured two ladies having tea on the label.  My parents had so little money they could not afford color on what was a very plain label so also in the evening while my mother was making her tea, my father would sit and color in the dresses of the two ladies as well as the background.  One evening while I was sitting with him, he said "Don't tell your mother I said this but I don't think this tea is ever going to get anywhere".  He was usually a good predictor of future event.  Fortunately this time he was quite wrong.  In our almost seventy year history, "Constant Comment" Tea has brought so much pleasure to many generations of tea drinkers. - David Bigelow

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