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Employee Stories

Walking is the Way by J David Silva, Fairfield CT

I have never been known to be the most practical of people, and I'd like to share an example of that as it relates to health and wellness.

I recently took up walking 2 miles in the morning three times a week. Now, this in itself isn't impractical; in fact, it is relaxing, a good time to think and a great form of exercise. What may seem a little impractical is that I am usually out the door and walking at 4:30 in the morning! It is dark and chilly when I set out for my morning walk but I don't mind it. The cool air is invigorating and motivating, plus...I walk faster to complete the two miles so that I can hurry up and get back inside where it's warm!

But seriously, I have come to enjoy these early morning walks and I actually look forward to them on the days that I know I am going to be up early and out the door. I highly recommend this peaceful, yet healthy practice daily!





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