Three Sustainability Events Rolled Into One Huge Success!! by Carrie Hammond, Fairfield CT

Employee Stories
Employee Stories

Three Sustainability Events Rolled Into One Huge Success!!


Cindi Bigelow stops by to welcome our Round Table Guests

Success #1: Bigelow Sustainability Round Table

On April 22nd (Earth Day 2013) Bigelow Tea hosted our 1st Sustainability Round Table inviting 6 local companies to come together to share ideas and challenges their companies have experienced in the area of Sustainability with the goal of collaborating with each other so that together we help make this a better world for generations to come.

Attendees included large CPG brands such as Energizer and Beiersdorf (Nivea Cream) as well as smaller companies such as Curtis Packaging, IDA International (makers of metal panels for buildings) and Electric Cable.  Discussions were open, energetic and insightful; providing suggestions and new ideas for all!

Success #2 Childrens' Earth Day 2013 Banner Creation


Earth Day '13 Banner hangs at Bigelow Tea

One week prior to the Round Table event at Bigelow Tea, I asked if I could do the lesson plan for Sunday School at the local Southport Congregational Church where my daughter and I are members.  I received overwhelming support for this idea and was able to tap into the energy and creativity of all of the K - 2nd grade children.  With the help of my teenage daughter, Lydia, we created a lesson plan to engage the kids on what Earth Day means to them.  We then asked them to express their thoughts by drawing pictures on two banners and they delivered with flying colors.  Below is the beautiful result of their efforts.  We first hung the banners at church on the Sunday before Earth Day so all of the parents and children could enjoy their artwork.  I then dismantled the banners and featured them in the Bigelow Tea Lobby and the Conference Room where we met for the Round Table so that all Bigelow employees and the Round Table Attendees could also enjoy and share the fun.


Success #3 Time Spent With my 14 Year Old


Earth Day '13 Banner creation

OK Well...not specifically a Sustainability event but certainly worth mentioning; I got to share an activity with my 14 year old daughter, Lydia.  Did I say teenager? It doesn't get any better than that.. it's certainly not as easy as when she was 5!! (I know some of you will get this..)

For sure,  a win/win/win for all!


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