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Employee Stories

Just Bigelow Tea ~ No dancing! by Darlene Pritchard, Boise ID

You know those mid-winter days when the sun is shining but every breath makes the hair in your nose freeze and you toes never seems to thaw out even with the car heater running full blast....January 16, 2013  was a day like that when I arrived at the Boise Senior Citizens Center to prepare for a Tea Tasting  Party ~ my part and a western dance their part.   The  coordinator said  prepare for about 30-40 guests at this event  but I think the word got out that we were serving fresh brewed Bigelow Tea and we had over 70 attend.    This event was supposed to include a dance but there were no dancers out on the dance floor but there were a lot of Bigelow Tea samplers at my table.




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