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Bigelow Employee Stories

City Light for Women and Children by Darlene Pritchard

Think for a minute....

What would you do?

No job, your company downsized

No home ~ foreclosed on months ago

No warm bed, gone with the house

No car, it was sold to buy food

Two children

They are hungry, tired, cold and cranky

So are you.

Your wallet is empty

Not even enough for McDonald's value menu.

What would you do?


In Boise, Idaho there is an answer:  City Light for Women and Children.

In the center of downtown Boise a beacon light shines out to those in need as City Light is open for women and children with a warm meal, a warm bath, and a warm bed.  This is not just a rescue program ~ it is a program that changes many lives.  This program offers a lot for women who join the program and begin training and preparing to go back to work.  Those who graduate from the program are soon able to return to our community with jobs and on their own. 

On November 8, 2012 from 5-8 PM Bigelow Tea hosted a tea party for the Boise community to raise funds to help support City Light.  This effort reaches out into the community for help with this ongoing critical need in the Boise area.   Compassion is active sympathetic concern for the suffering of another.  What better way to be actively involved ~ than by supporting City Light?



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