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Read Aloud Day: A Win/Win for All!! Carrie Hammond, Fairfield CT


The Bridgeport Schools Annual Read Aloud Day took place on October 20th. The read aloud day is a one hour event which involves 600 volunteers from local service organizations and businesses reading aloud to a class of students in kindergarten through 6th grade. 18 Bigelow Tea employee volunteers from our Fairfield, CT office participated in special event.

I am quite sure that each of us who participated from Bigelow Tea had a wonderful, personal experience on this warm, Fall morning but I feel compelled to share mine so I hope you will bear with me.  I am still feeling the amazing after effects.

To me, this morning was truly an example of a win/win!!  I often sign up for these events thinking I am helping the children, the teachers and the community when in fact, I receive so much more in return. I correlate this to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, a favorite story of mine, as my heart expands at least 10 times by the time we are heading back to the office.  I was fortunate to have the youngest Pre-K, 5 year olds this year (although every age is fun).  It was such a pleasure to see the expressions on their little, beautiful faces and the hunger for more look in their eyes as they hung on every word of the story I was reading.  As I asked them questions, every hand would shoot up in the air and they all had something wonderful to share; even when their response had nothing to do with the question asked, it made it all the more rewarding and fun.  I learned so much yesterday so it is I who thank the children and the teachers and the community. There is so much good in the world, especially when we reach beyond our normal routines.

I strongly recommend this experience to all.

Read Aloud Day 2011


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