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Meet Our Green Teams
Meet Our Green Teams

America Recyles Week in Boise

It was a very exciting week in Boise with the employees at Boise getting behind the Pledge to Recycle and all the weeks festivities. Mark Bolander made a "Window Farm" with all recycled products and a small motor we had lying around to circulate water into the containers. We are growing herbs in Boise in our lunch room!


We also had many of the employees make recycled ornaments using Bigelow products and other things recyclable. We had some very creative ornaments made! Our winner for our ornament drawing was Nancy Bostic, who made several ornaments for our Bigelow Tree.


Boise had a loop of various movies on recycling playing in the lunchroom for the week. These were ones from the American Recycles Day Website. VERY interesting! Some great ideas as well as some awesome things being done around the country towards the recycling effort.


Lastly, we had a local business donate some very healthy organic snacks that are distributed in Idaho (Happy Family Foods) promoting "Made in Idaho" as well as our Wellness Initiative. We also had handouts helping to make everyone aware of the benefits of Buying Local.


It was a fun week and the Boise Employees really got behind it!



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