Bigelow Tea takes part in Read-A-Loud Day 2012 in Bridgeport CT

Youth Empowerment
Youth Empowerment

Bigelow Tea takes part in Read-A-Loud Day 2012 in Bridgeport CT

On October 18th 18 Bigelow employees from the Fairfield  office and plant participated in the annual Read Aloud Day program in Bridgeport.  The purpose of the Read Aloud program is to get volunteer readers into every K-6Th Grade class in the  Bridgeport School system.  We have supported this program for six years in a row and each year it gets better and better. Here are some of the employee comments........                 



" For me it was a great experience. I walked away from this feeling that It really mattered to those children that I was there and talked to them about the book as well as other random questions that they had to ask."


" I found this event fun.  The kindergarten class seemed very energetic and raised their hands many times to comment on the pictures."


"This is my 5th Read Aloud Day at Cesar Batalla School reading to third graders, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience each year.  The kids are always willing to participate with the book and also to share something about themselves."


"The Read-Aloud program is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever done.  Always an adventure, and always appreciated by both the teachers and the reader.  The kids like the change in their routine, and the same could be said about the volunteer."


"What an amazing experience today was.  The students were so excited when I entered the classroom.  "It was great to hear the boys say good we have a girl reading.  I couldn't believe how engaged the children were when I was reading.  I must of answered over thirty questions and the good news is I knew the answers!  I did tell the children I work for Bigelow and we make teabags.  One little girl asked me what a teabag was and before you knew it the whole class was talking about tea and who in their family drinks tea.  Today was a feel good type of day for me!  So happy I was able to participate and I am looking forward to reading aloud again."



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