Bigelow Louisville enters 2013 Annual Kentucky Derby Bed Race

Community Activities
Community Activities

Bigelow Louisville enters 2013 Annual Kentucky Derby
Bed Race for the 11th year

The Bigelow team at Louisville, Kentucky entered a bed again into the Kentucky Derby Bed Race for 2013.  The race is an annual event in association with the Kentucky Derby Festival.  The local team went all out in decorating a bed to the "That's Entertainment" theme.  The bed was named "A Tale of Two Steeps" and drew off of a theater performance setting.  As you will see in the pictures below, the bed should have arguable won the "Best Decorated" award as they have done the previous two years but the judges succumbed to "dancing pigs" (you had to be there).  I would agree, the "dancing pigs" to be a best entertaining award which was also available but the judges saw it differently.  The second stage of the race event was an actual foot race pushing and navigating the bed over a course in Broadbent arena.  The Bigelow team had a respectable showing with a time of 30.01 seconds, placing 13th out of 30 in their class.  The entire event was a fun filled day with lots of stories and tea samples shared with the thousands of visitors that came to the event.  The event was covered live by Wave 3 TV and also by other local media outlets.  Hats off to the Louisville team for an outstanding showing in this year's event!

The Full Team
Bed_race_2013_A Bed_race_2013_C
Bed_race_2013_D Bed_race_2013_E
Bed_race_2013_F Bed_race_2013_G
Bed_race_2013_H Bed_race_2013_I


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