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Community Engagement

Customer Service and the Holidays: Sharing is Caring

Each year during the holiday season the Customer Service Department team contacts the Planning and Scheduling department to see what teas are available for donation. We pick a number of teas and we donate those teas to local shelters or organizations that can use them.

This year we did something different. This season the team requested 60 mugs that the Direct Marketing group had available. We filled each mug with extra loose tea bags that we had and then we wrapped the mugs in decorative gift bags purchased from a local craft store. We then donated 60 of these gift mugs to the Center for Women and Families in Bridgeport, CT. The Center is having their annual holiday party on Saturday, December 21 and Colleen Glover and Kim Langer dropped off the mugs on Friday, December 13. As a result, the children at the Center each had a holiday gift to give to their parent or loved one at the holiday party. We also took some extra tea bags and made up 8 gift canisters and presented them to the staff of the Center.

The staff at the Center was very grateful to receive the gifts and the Customer Service Department was happy to donate them. We truly appreciate having the opportunity to "give something back" each year.




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