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Community Activities

Christmas Time in Boise

Christmas is the time for giving. It is also the time for Boise to enjoy the holidays with our plant as well as have the opportunity to use Life's Kitchen for our catering event.

Life's kitchen is a 16-week program that teaches culinary arts and life skills to people between the ages of 16 and 20 who are considered "at risk." This includes those dealing with poverty, homelessness, criminal histories, substance abuse and difficulties succeeding in a traditional school setting. Trainees accepted into the Life's Kitchen program gain work experience in a commercial kitchen and three training businesses: the on-site cafe, contract foods programs for local organizations and catering. Training topics include safe food-handling and sanitation, basic and advanced knife skills, kitchen equipment and measurements, basic cooking principles and more. The life skills part of the program includes learning to manage personal finances, filing taxes, renting an apartment and staying healthy. Students also study resume writing and get to hone their job-seeking skills through mock interviews. And there's more. Successful trainees will leave the program with their Managers Level ServSafe Certification and their GED if they didn't finish high school.


Here is Life's Kitchen setting up for the Holiday meal at the Boise Plant


Using Life's Kitchen is a great opportunity to have awesome food as well as helping a wonderful program getting high school students directed on the right path.


Boise loves the food that Life's Kitchen serves!







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