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Community Engagement
Community Engagement

Bridge Building In The Community Of Boise

One of the definitions of the word support is "to maintain in position and supply with the necessities."  That has been the role of RC Bigelow Boise as we frequently reach out to support the ongoing ministry of the Boise Rescue Mission.    On November 7, 2013 from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM Bigelow Tea was supporting one of the mission's community outreach programs with freshly brewed Bigelow Tea and goodies.        

In November the BRM presents an open house and dessert event where the whole community is invited to come and visit the various areas of the mission, and see firsthand the work they are doing with homeless people in the Ada County /Boise area.    The BRM program includes not only food, warm clothing and shelter but an opportunity to get job counseling, a GED, work on writing an up to date resume and further extended training.  The goal is self-sufficiency.   The result of this evening event is serious bridge building to the community with increased support for this critical work from many individuals and small/ large businesses in the Boise~ Ada County area.    

On November 7th the "Bigelow Tea House" was located in the main offices for "City Light for Women and Children", a very active division of the Boise Rescue Mission.   Throughout that evening we served Constant Comment, Vanilla Chai, Apple Cider and Oolong Tea along with an array of goodies.    Our support for the BRM program will be enhanced in the first two weeks of December when the Boise plant employees will follow up with a Christmas food drive.    This Thanksgiving I will count the Boise Rescue Mission one of the things for which I am very thankful.


Leahann Goodner Education and Employment Manager
for City Light for women and Children receiving some
freshly brewed Bigelow Tea at the Dessert event at the
Boise Rescue Mission


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