Bigelow Tea and the Idaho Food Bank Thinking Out of the Box

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Community Activities

Thinking Out of the Box


The Idaho Foodbank is an amazing place.  Picture a warehouse filled with pallets of potatoes, lentils, & dried beans and a rainbow of cans, boxes, & packages of food, all donated by the generous people of Idaho.  Cindi Bigelow, CEO of family owned Bigelow Tea, toured this impressive organization recently while she visited Bigelow's plant in Boise Idaho.  The local Bigelow plant has found a unique way to support the Foodbank.  Every week, we generate hundreds of empty corrugated boxes that our packaging material comes in.   In the past, these boxes were recycled.  Then we figured out The Idaho Foodbank could use them to distribute food to Idaho families in need.  Now, we collect the boxes and The Idaho Foodbank stops by once a week to pick them up.   We're on pace to supply 24,000 boxes this year.   Because they get this many boxes from us, The Idaho Foodbank is able to provide an additional 72,000 meals.

Bigelow Tea cares about the environment, the community, and wellness.  Our relationship with The Idaho Foodbank hits all three:  we re-use boxes, which helps the environment, each box that is used helps feed a hungry person from our community, and we're proud that The Idaho Foodbank focuses on nutrition - a key ingredient in wellness.  We are proud to support The Idaho Foodbank.  If you would like to know more about this fantastic organization, look them up at



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