Constant Comment® - Case of 6 boxes (120 tea bags total)
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The Bigelow original. No recipe makes us prouder. To this day members of the Bigelow family are still the only ones who blend this secret recipe of black tea, rind of oranges and sweet spice. One sip and you will know there is still no tea like it… take a whiff then enjoy the one and only “Constant Comment”.

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black tea, rind of oranges, sweet spice, natural flavor.

Caff-O-Meter content per serving

We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

Flavor Profile
Taste Profile
Pleasantly spiced bright tea with complex orange back notes
Complex bold brew sweet orange accented with a distinctive spicy finish
Bright coppery liquor
Recommended Temperature
208º F
Steeping Instructions

Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.


Pour over tea bag, steep for 4 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).

For Iced Tea by the Glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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Cindi Bigelow, President & CEO,hears you and responds
by Cindi from Fairfield on 2/5/2015 6:50:17 AM
Dear Bigelow Tea Lovers, As a family tea company that started with my grandmother creating “Constant Comment” Tea 70 years ago, I want to let you know we read each of your comments. Tea is our passion and we realize that you are passionate about our "Constant Comment". Please know that we have never and will never (in my lifetime) change her original recipe. It is still the same recipe my grandmother blended in her kitchen. We use the same special recipe ingredients, from the hand-picked black tea, to the orange rind & spices that we have always blended into “Constant Comment”. To this day my parents are still the only ones who blend “Constant Comment” every month. Our packaging changed but never our recipe. We will continue to read & trial every sample of tea we get from customers that are not happy with their “Constant Comment” but the recipe is 100% the same as it was before we changed our packaging. “Constant Comment” has always been a blend of beautiful black tea & a secret recipe of orange & spice. With deep appreciation for your patience and passion for our products, Cindi Bigelow, 3rd generation President & CEO
Not what it used to be.
by James from madeira beach on 3/29/2015 10:34:21 PM
I thought it was just me getting older... but this tea is very weak in the orange and spice department and mostly just tastes like black tea. I am very disappointed. It takes 2 bags to even get the tea strong enough. Maybe recipe is still the same, but perhaps they have turned to cheaper ingredients. The quality is no longer there, despite what the CEO may say. No wonder I like Teavana so much.
by Maria from Bell Gardens on 3/27/2015 8:13:14 PM
Oh my, this tea packs a punch. It has a lot of caffeine in it. It is has a nice flavor, and the box has a "different" look. One bag of this tea came as a "bonus" in a green tea (caffeinated) box I had purchased. When I finally tried it--I was not affected initially. But when that caffeine kicked in, my goodness, I could barely contain myself. I do not know if I will ever buy a box (not sure yet), but it may suit others' palates (and physical/mental state) much better. FYI: There were actually orange rinds in the tea bag!
Great Tea!
by Ben from Arlington on 3/1/2015 4:45:59 PM
I love bigelow teas but when I tried this one, I was blown away by its rich bold flavor and taste this is now my favorite bigelow tea!!
Constant Comment
by Janeen from Kissimmee on 2/28/2015 5:55:33 AM
I recently bought a box of Constant Comment black tea. The box did not look like what I was used to so I thought the packaging had just changed. WRONG! This is not the same tea my Grandmother introduced me to, 50 plus years ago. Not the same as I have been getting for a special treat, or when I am sick. The beautiful aroma, the special orange spice flavor that "comes out when you add sugar. I pay extra for that, and that is not what I got. I would rather pay the same amount for 100 bags of ordinary tea, than 20 bags of disappointment. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK.
why isn't constant tea for keruig
by d from baltimore on 2/23/2015 1:03:35 PM
i only drink this tea why hasn't this tea made for the keriug or when will it you have no black
not good
by amber from honolulu on 2/21/2015 1:54:00 PM
I've been drinking bigelow teas since i was a child, i had noticed the flavors slowly going away and having to use 2 bags to get the flavor that it once had 5 or 10 years ago. about once a year i now buy a box of bigelow to see if the flavor i had once loved has returned. Nope, not even close. I continue my search for a good orange and spice and an earl grey. red rose does offer great Irish and English breakfast.
by Kitten from Campbell on 2/20/2015 3:38:26 PM
What happened to the Orange Spice flavor? It's my favorite for years & in the past 3 months I haven't found it in ANY store. Please bring it back...............Kitten
My favourite tea
by Mark from Ottawa on 2/18/2015 10:37:24 PM
Constant Comment was the tea my mum used to pull out on Sunday or for special visitors. It is still my favourite tea. Thank you.
Constantly Gone
by Kimberly from Pembroke Pines on 2/16/2015 11:57:09 AM
My Aunt and I both have enjoyed Constant Comment for decades. It was always my soothing, good memory beverage when I am sick or the weather is cold. I have never been a coffee drinker but hot and iced tea are my favorite sources of caffeine. I am fortunate that I still have a couple of boxes of the "Good Tea" left but I noticed it was now vacant from the shelves as I began searching for my husbands favorite "Lemon Lift". There has been no sign of "Lemon Lift", Constant Comment" or "Raspberry Royale" in any grocery or drugstore in south Florida for many months. I began to panic and assumed that for some inexplicable reason Bigelow decided to discontinue my three favorite, and what I would guess to be, their most popular teas. I have now recently spoken with my Aunt and found she has not been able to find "Constant Comment" in West Virginia either. She did tell me that the last box she bought must have been old because the tea was bad. Now that I have read the reviews, I see that there must have been a "Bad" or "Inferior" batch of tea and that it was pulled from the shelves. My family and I will keep our fingers crossed that all of our favorite Bigelow flavors will return. I would almost be tempted to sell my couple of "Good" boxes of "Constant Comment" but I like it too much to part with. I will sadly have to ration my consumption.
Allergic reaction to tea
by Barbara from Naples on 2/12/2015 8:56:51 PM
I recently tried this tea and broke out my entire body with a rash. I had to take an antihistamine and it was immediately gone within an hour. I thought maybe it could have been from something else, so I gave it another few days. I had another cup last night and the same thing happened. I had a rash from head to toe. Does anyone know what might be in it to cause this. It had a great flavor, but don't think I will be drinking anytime soon.
Not good...
by Deborah from Ludington on 2/3/2015 11:00:08 AM
Like many here, I have been drinking Constant Comment since childhood (50 years at least). My mother used to "hold court" around our dining room table as all the interesting people in our small town talked over the state of the world, philosophy, the latest (non-fiction) book. CC has changed. But I also think that the gentleman who suggested a bad crop of tea leaves as the cause probably has it nailed. (Dare I ask if the tea you procure is within range of Fukushima? Or in the path of Typhoon Haiyan?) Also remember that tea bags will always produce an inferior cup. Try loose leaf if you haven't. Also, CC has always been made with "black tea". It just wasn't proclaimed (though it was listed) on the box because back then we didn't have so many alternatives. Bigelow now offers many green teas. So that does not indicate a change of formula. I will hang in and buy a new box hoping the next tea crop is better.
Constant Comment tea not what it use to be
by Ron from Saskatoon on 2/9/2015 5:02:04 PM
In Saskatoon, it is extremely difficult, to virtually impossible, to find Constant Comment tea on the Store shelves. I have enjoyed this tea in the past and wanted to start getting back into enjoying its rich flavour. I ordered several boxes of the product on line and did this so I would be able to enjoy the tea without worrying about having to look around the city for my supply. When the tea arrived, I was eager to sample it and enjoy the flavour I remembered from the past. What I discovered was a tea that I was unfamiliar with and one that I did not enjoy. Very, very bland! What a disappointment. I can only say that I will not be ordering this tea anymore on line, and I can understand why the stores do not carry it.
The same!
by Jeff from Ashland, OR on 2/7/2015 2:55:54 PM
Ok wow, I had no Idea so many were writing in, saying that "Constant Comment" had changed! I used to drink CC when I was a teenager. Then was re introduced to it when a Mt climbing friend pulled it out of his pack before one of our big climbs in Colorado, in the 80's. I have had it off and on since then. The last I had was several years ago. I bought a box yesterday, and thought I would find out more about it on line. I would like to say that that it tastes essentially the same as it always has. I cannot detect any change at all. As for how dark it gets when being steeped- I figured this out one day when drinking tea with lemon- is a product of the orange peel; as citrus juice will "bleach" the tea tannin so to speak, and prevent it from getting as dark as it would without the citrus. I drinking some now!
Constant Comment Not As Good
by Susan from Concord on 2/5/2015 12:06:02 PM
I still love the smell when opening the pouch with the tea bag in it but the taste falls far short of that scent. I have to agree with the other criticisms. I've been drinking this tea also for many years and I know something has changed. For one thing, I taste more cinnamon than before. Also the tea "leaves" seem to be more tea powder. If the recipe hasn't changed, what has? You can't tell me that everything is exactly as it used to be. I wouldn't mind paying more if the quality was better. If you're trying to save a buck by using inferior tea, that's a false economy. I bet you didn't know you had so many loyal fans who care about this product.
Weak Less tea in bag
by Rick from Saint Louis Mo on 1/31/2015 6:18:50 PM
They say nothing has changed .Hmmm, they don't remember putting less tea in each bag. I use two bags and it is still weak. I wish I bought the small box. I guess people will be "constantly commenting" About how bad this tea has become. Try the brand that rhymes with "winnings" Orange Bliss it is bliss.
Why mess with a good thing?
by Michelle from North Vancouver on 1/28/2015 12:49:25 PM
What have you done! You've messed with the recipe as well as changing the packaging. I am so disappointed. I was addicted to this tea for years. It's weak & insipid now. I thought maybe I hadn't steeped it long enough, so made a second cup and steeped longer. No change in strength or flavour. What a disappointment.
K-cups please?
by Emily from Inver Grove Heights on 1/26/2015 9:19:03 AM
I LOVE this tea! I drink it everyday. We recently purchased a Keurig and would love if you would make this tea into k-cups. I agree that this tea could be made a little bit stronger, I tend to use two tea bags at a time because I like strong tea. Thanks!
Don't Give Up On Constant Comment
by Andrew from Alexandria on 1/24/2015 9:48:20 PM
Reading the reviews here concerns me, because it seems that the problem begins in the spring of 2014. Quite honestly, this could be the result of a poor crop in what is normally a good tea. I have an older box, purchased earlier in the year, and I have not noticed a difference. But if you know tea, then you know that just like any other plant or crop, its flavour can change from season to season, and with tea, those changes take place by flushes, or seasons within the harvesting season. [If you really want to taste variations in tea flavour, try out some loose Darjeelings of first, second, and late flushes. It is the most tempermental tea in the world, but worth every penny when you get a truly good one.] I'm grateful to see Cindi Bigelow's response here. Like others here, I have been drinking this tea since early childhood, and while today I am one of those 'tea snobs' who waxes poetic about whole leaf Yunnan Gold and a properly brewed Gyokuro, I still keep a box of Constant Comment on hand. Tea blending is an art, and not something that any tea company can take lightly. I cannot imagine that anyone at Bigelow would knowingly attempt to change something about that blend that would endanger such a unique and signature product. If I were to guess what has happened [because clearly something has], my guess would be that a lot of money was spent on a less-than-standard harvest, and that Bigelow made the best of what they bought after it arrived. That happens. We cannot control nature. Other tea companies who offer over a hundred subtle varieties of imported pure leaves deal with this all the time, and sometimes cannot offer a tea during a particular year. Knowing that this is at least a possibility, I'm keeping the faith with Bigelow. This is not a Classic Coke™ issue in my opinion; this tea is an institution in the United States, and I believe that Cindi Bigelow and her family know that better than the rest of us. They cannot afford to miss the mark. Because of that, I will be buying another box in a few months, and I trust that it will taste the same as it has for almost all of my life.
This tea has changed
by Dianne from Buford on 1/22/2015 9:25:54 AM
I agree with the majority opinion that this tea has changed. I had a cup with an older tea bag yesterday. It was the CC I know and love. I am drinking a cup now with the new label design. This cup is a bland black tea. I do not taste or smell the orange and spice I expect from CC. Why did you change the recipe? Add me to the list of the disappointed.
Where is the Constant Comment tea?
by Jim from Boody on 1/13/2015 9:19:34 PM
First of all we cannot find the the Constant Comment in our Kroger store. Have looked for many weeks and finally I know why. Your company has changed the value of a great tea. And now that I have read many reviews on your web site, you not only have lost many customers but have lost the market on a great tea. Please, please bring back the original recipe of Constant Comment tea and you will get back many customers.
by Mollie from Chesapeake on 1/17/2015 9:59:31 PM
Is there any plan to make an organic constant comment tea available??
Another Great tasting tea
by Ben from Arlington on 1/11/2015 11:11:29 AM
I have loved the Bigelow teas the only one I really liked was the orange spice but I tried the Constant Comment and right away loved it now I will add it to my collection of Bigelow teas!
a gift for my aunt
by kathy from utica on 1/6/2015 9:52:53 PM
I went to buy a gift of tea for my aunt...Constant Comment, my favorite. I was confused by the new packaging, but I bought it. I brewed her a cup. It was cloudy not clear. I tasted it...bitter and weak. What a disappointment! I now have to find a new tea and tea company. I will take the remainder to our free table at work. I am not sure anyone will take it.
Constant comment
by Susan from Oxford on 1/6/2015 5:56:09 PM
I drink Constant Comment tea at least two large mugs or 3 or 4 every single day- I love it! Can't get enough
It wasn't broken
by Aime from Vista on 1/3/2015 7:24:02 PM
Cindy Bigelow, I read your comment below and you are incorrect. Something has changed and not in a good way. What happened to those amazing sweet orange spices? I'm 56 and my mom started me on your tea as a kid. The cup I am drinking right now caused me to Google the question of if the formula changed. If the spices are costing more now, please charge more and bring back your old formula. Please?
flavor has changed
by Lisa from Lawrenceville on 1/2/2015 9:22:33 AM
I am 42 years old and have been drinking constant comment since I was a little girl. I often joke that I could single handedly keep the Bigelow company in business. I drink a LOT of tea and I drink it very strong. I recently made a pot for me and a friend and we both immediately commented on the change in flavor. I seem to taste bergamot (may be wrong) which either wasn't in there before or not as much. I still like the tea but not quite as much. I agree with other reviewers that I can't taste as much of the orange rind. PLEASE remedy this. And I'm not loving the bergamot (or whatever it is). Still my favorite tea though.
Weak Tea
by Angela from Dacula on 12/31/2014 8:25:25 PM
I came to the site looking for loose tea-- as I thought my bags were just too weak-- as I have for the past 6 months had to use 2 bags instead of one-- now I see why from the other reviews. I remembered as a child (30 years ago) my mother buying tins of loose tea and putting it in little metal diffusers -- always constant comment. Loved it then. Loved it now-- why did you change it? I now have to double bag and add a shot of orange juice! Please FIX!!! Pretty please!
Not the same tea
by Denise from Monroe Township on 12/30/2014 11:28:05 AM
So disappointed. the tea is very different and NO my taste buds are just fine. There is NO aroma of orange and clove. It's more like a weak herb tea. I was nasty to my husband, who brings me tea every night for over 25 years, thinking he put a different milk in it. Awful taste. I used to be able to smell the great orange and spice and now ZERO. I bought 3 boxes from Walmart and thought it was them, but tried some at work and same BAD taste. Lost another customer.
Bring back our Orange Pekoe!
by Carol from Fort Collins on 12/28/2014 4:11:13 PM
I have ALSO been drinking Constant Comment Orange Pekoe Tea for almost 50 years - multiple cups per day. Then you throw that out the window and bring in this nasty black tea. Did you think we would not notice?? Please bring back our great orange pekoe - there is nothing like it. Why mess with an old standard that people love????
Not the same tea!
by Cathryn from Albuquerque on 12/27/2014 11:23:30 PM
My husband and I completely agree with the rest of the reviews. This tea has changed! The aroma is odd and displeasing and the flavor is bland. We noticed it the moment we drank from the new box. We won't be buying this again and it's our favorite! Please, please bring back the old recipe!!!!
K-cups please
by Tempia from Lillington on 12/26/2014 2:42:44 PM
I agree the tea tastes somewhat weaker than it used to be, but I'm still a fan. I just steep a little longer. I would however love to see this in K-cup format though.
Constant Comment
by Priscilla from Chatham on 12/26/2014 7:29:57 AM
I thought it was just me, this tea is dishwater compared to what I grew up on and have enjoyed these many years. I loved the tea when it tasted like something. Discover some other way to save money but bring back the tea I remember please! I will be donating the box I have to a food pantry.
by TERI from DILLSBORO,IN on 12/23/2014 7:18:13 PM
I have been drinking your black tea for many years. The new box I just bought didn't taste right or smell good.No orange spice taste.Tasted like alot of cinnamon in it.Now I have two boxes that is junk.Sorry to say but you lost another customer.
Tea has changed for the worse
by Kathy from Whitewater on 12/21/2014 10:31:02 AM
I recently bought a box of Constant Comment. It used to be my absolute favorite, and I hadn't had it in a while. I just made a cup this morning, I can't believe how disappointed I am! It is the most boring tea ever! What happened to the spicy orange flavor? It smells good, but the flavor is gone. I will never buy this again. I see from other comments that I'm not the only one who has experienced this.
I Remember
by Gretchen from Columbus on 12/7/2014 1:26:46 PM
I remember drinking Constant Comment in 1960. It was a special thing that my Mother and I shared. I have drunk it almost every day since. Today's product is NOT the same tea I have drunk most of my life. My tastebuds have not changed on other foods. I have city water. I make it in a pot, not a Keurig. I use china cups. I agree with the lack of taste, the absence of orange, and the suggestion of cinnamon (which is one of my favorite spices but NOT in tea). I tried to like the new situation, but I am moving on. I will be trying to replicate Constant Comment for a long time to come.
constant comment
by laura from mukilteo on 12/12/2014 6:20:39 PM
i thought it was just me... when the packaging changed i noticed a difference in the taste and smell of constant comment. i grew up drinking this stuff with my mom. so i've probably been drinking it for the last 20 years or so and the flavor and smell just isn't the same anymore. i hope they bring back the old constant comment!
I thought it was just me
by Kristin from Allentown on 12/10/2014 7:25:36 PM
I thought maybe it was just me. I'm glad to see all the comments about the apparent change. It's not so much that it's bitter, there is definitely much less orange and spice. It used to smell so good out of the box. I always thought it would make good sachets for drawers! Now there is hardly any scent prior to and after making. Very sad. If you (meaning Bigelow) have decreased the spice level....please bring it back!!! I love making ice tea with it. It's just not as enjoyable anymore. :-(
Same Great Tea As Ever
by Joan from Clarksville, TN on 12/7/2014 9:28:48 PM
I can't understand all the complaint about a change in taste. There is none. I've been drinking Constant Comment my entire life and I'm in my 50's. It is as delicious, rich and flavorful as ever. I'm sure the company hasn't changed a thing, but maybe some people's taste buds have changed.
What changed
by Jan from Austin Texas on 12/7/2014 12:37:54 PM
The flavor seems to have changed. It used to be my very favorite but now seems less orange and spice and more just black tea.
Great Tea
by Jean from Las Vegas on 12/4/2014 12:50:07 PM
Love, love, love Constant Comment tea. Waiting for it to come out for my Keurig in the little cups. Thanks for such a great tasting tea!!!
What has happened?
by Beth from Aurora on 12/3/2014 9:02:54 AM
You have pushed me to Teavana... I have drank this tea since I was a little girl. What have you changed? I no longer enjoy a nice cup - the orange spicy aroma, the wonderful mingling of flavors, it's all GONE! My mother even asked me if one of her medications could have altered her taste enough to change her perception of the tea, and was relieved when I told I had noticed the change as well. Booooooooooooo!
Not Just This Tea
by Barbara from Schenectady on 12/2/2014 7:12:06 PM
I have noticed this problem with other brands of tea as well. One company that shall remain nameless was quite condescending and rude about the problem. They pretend that there is no difference when there so obviously is. They say that a natural crop like tea can vary due to weather. Really? We've had the same weather for decades, and suddenly, boom! There goes the tea? I think it is just a cost issue myself, and they won't admit to it.
K cups
by Carolyn from Fountain, CO on 11/30/2014 8:02:58 PM
I love constant comment tea and I have been drinking it for years. Recently, I have had to cut caffeine from my diet so I was excited to see that you offer this tea in decaf. It would be perfect if I could get the decaf. version in a K-cup. Could you please consider making constant comment teas in K'cups?
What Happened to My Tea?
by Lynn from Collierville on 11/30/2014 4:09:41 PM
My husband and I have enjoyed the orange rind and sweet spice flavor of Constant Comment in the evening for forty years. Now the package has changed and so has the flavor. I cannot smell the spice and orange when I open the pouch and the tea tastes just of black tea. Please bring back the old recipe. We miss the smell and taste of the original Constant Comment tea.
New flavor is not good!!
by Nancy from Durham on 11/27/2014 2:35:00 AM
I am so glad I found this site and see that my taste buds are not deceiving me. I've consumed 1-2 cups of Constant Comment daily for at least 15 years. I carry it with me every where I travel in the world. All of my friends know that it is "my brand". I've even "made" event planners for conferences etc. provide Bigelow teas because of my love of Constant Comment. At work people come to me for tea when they feel sickly. But when the new red packaging came out, the flavor changed. ICK! I have no reason to stick with Constant Comment anymore because it simply isn't the tea that I love. WHAT HAPPENED?!?! Did you get a bad batch of tea leaves? This is like the "New Coke" corporate disaster. BRING BACK OLD CONSTANT COMMENT!
bitter tea, bitter lady.
by Shannon from Englewood on 11/23/2014 5:16:43 PM
My husband and I drink this tea everyday or we used to. We noticed right away that the packaging, as well as the flavor had changed. It was extremely bitter and the orange was barely there. We have been struggling with this for months and have finally decided to stop buying it. I resent the fact that Bigelow has done nothing to address this issue, while pleading innocence. So long Constant Comment, you were wonderful while you lasted. No longer will I be purchasing ANY products from Bigelow.
Flavor Cut in Half :(
by Pam from Pleasant Hill on 11/21/2014 9:00:44 PM
So disappointed. This used to be my "go to" tea. Something has indeed changed with the quality of Constant Comment. I now need to use two tea bags to get the same amount of flavor. It is almost like the tea and spices have been cut in half. It would have been more acceptable to increase the price than to cut the quality in half. Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion of the lesser quality of Constant Comment. So very sad.
by Margie from Indianapolis on 11/21/2014 7:02:42 PM
I would love to read a follow up from the CEO to see if they found something that had changed. I, for one, think this tea is wonderful and I find no fault with it. I have read that one's taste buds become less sensitive as one grows older, but, being older myself, I have say, for me, it's as good as it ever was. But still, climates change, processing can change. Is the orange processed differently, chopped into smaller pieces? Wish there were an answer.
Disappointing Change
by christopher from phoenix on 11/21/2014 3:49:54 AM
The President & CEO says she hears our complaints, and wants us to know they aren't falling on deaf ears, yet our complaints keep pouring in and the problem remains. She left a vague somewhat misleading comment on here, leading us to believe that somehow greater care or attention is being put into Constant Comment now (all the while not forgetting to sneak a 5 star rating on here from herself) she basically concluded, Oh everything is the same, don't worry nothing has changed, it's all in your heads, I don't know how hundreds of you are coming to the same conclusion, but since so many of you aren't satisfied, I have to save face and pretend to care etc etc.. Well we shall see.
Constant Comment Changes Formula
by Peter from Ambler on 11/18/2014 2:59:57 PM
Please bring back the original formula of Constant Comment. The Original Formula had a hint of spices and flavour that left no after-taste and bitterness. The new formula just does not cut it and has now occupied the shelves of other black teas with no special flavour or taste. If this is what Bigelow today is all about, I will have to move on to another manufacturer. Tradition means too much to me. Bring back the original Constant Comment Black Tea.
Smells different
by Haley from Moorestown on 11/16/2014 10:52:19 AM
The thing that made me most aware of a change was the aroma. Where I always thought of clove as a dominate scent in the classic constant comment, the new blend has a cinnamon smell that is dominate. Not as sophisticated, too sweet and ordinary. Makes me sad after a 30+ year habit.
Not the same
by Jamison from Frederick, MD on 11/15/2014 8:20:45 PM
I agree with the others on this page. This is not the same tea that I discovered a few years ago. Around 2009, I never did drink tea, but was at an event and they asked if I wanted to take any of the leftover food/drink home. One of the things I brought home was the Bigelow Tea Sampler Pack. I tried the tea and when I tried the Constant Comment tea, I was blown away at how good it was. That lead me to buy Constant Comment. Over the past year, the Constant Comment that I bought was not the same that I tried in 2009. It lacks any orange flavor and tastes like bland stale tea. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm looking for another brand to replace it. I recently found an old bag of constant comment tea that was in the back of the cupboard. It tasted like "Constant Comment". You stated that you are creating the same recipe. Are you using less tea in the bag? Did you use new tea bags? What is going on?
Tastes the same
by Susan from Le Claire on 11/14/2014 7:41:21 PM
Been drinking Constant Comment, earl grey, and English for 40 years. I think the tea tastes the same, as long as I use quality water. I think it is mind over matter. My sister was visiting and she said oh the tea tastes different now. I don't like it. then I said let me make you some of this awesome new stuff. Not showing her that I was making cc. Sure enough she was like ooh this tastes just like old cc what brand is it. Yea, different box made her think different flavor. The times it has tasted off we can always trace it back to the water. We are on a community well and sometimes the chemical/chlorine is higher and sometimes my filters on my fridge needs changing. My husband laughed as I said must be time to change the fridge filter the tea tastes funny. And I was right. I never realized I could order direct, and in flavors my store does not carry. I'm so happy. Merry Christmas.
Old vs new
by Jen from Chicago on 11/13/2014 2:25:22 PM
I discovered the greatness of CC while in the south. Honestly, the tea reminds me of an "old fashioned" which happens to be my favorite adult beverage. Luckily, I started with an old box. The next box was newer. Unfortunately the taste is remarkably different. The flavor is not as bold & the aftertaste is bitter. I'm going to search high & low for the old boxes... Please go back to the old formula!! Thanks- Tea Time
What happened!?!
by Tim from Dublin, Ohio on 11/12/2014 6:14:02 PM
My grandmother introduced me to Constant Comment in the nineteen fifties, and I've loved it ever since. My wife just brought home a box of the "new" Constant Comment. It is terrible and ordinary. What happened to the spices and orange flavor? This stuff tastes like the cheap stuff that you get at economy motels. Is there anywhere I can get the original Constant Comment. You have really made a big mistake with this stuff you're trying to sell now.
by rob from floral on 11/9/2014 6:17:09 PM
I have been drinking orange and spice tea for a while. I recently purchased another box and after drinking some I thought I bought the wrong tea it tasted nothing like orange spice but like cinnamon tea and I had to pour it out !now I'm trying to find a replacement brand .
Memories lost.
by David from Redwood Valley on 11/8/2014 10:00:26 AM
You know how a smell, a song, or a flavor has that powerful ability to recall old memories. In my case, it was the flavor of the Constant Comment tea with orange flavor. It brought back times with my mother as a child. Your alteration to the tea has lost that pleasure. Worse, your denial of a change and the lack of management to listen to the customers and a least recreate the original and make it available is death blow to your brand. I will be joining the others that must find a replacement to raise our children on.
the original constant comment
by Dave from Oscoda, Mi on 11/7/2014 6:47:47 PM
the "new" constant comment is NOT the same as what you have selling for decades. I have tried the "old" and the "new" side by side. New package vs the traditional. NOT THE SAME..........................this smacks of New Coke and the Coca Cola Classic screw up PLEASE bring back the old Constant Comment, otherwise I will switch from the Bigelow brand!!!!!
by Ric from Bellingham, WA on 11/4/2014 10:20:14 AM
I have been a very satisfied customer for many years, as many of the Constant Comment reviewers are, and I too must reluctantly admit your tea has changed and is no longer the excellent tea it once was. This week I bought 4 more boxes of CC and with my first cup i noticed it did not taste like the same tea I have been drinking for so long. I was sure it couldn't be the tea, so I changed cups, grabbed another tea bag and I realized it was the tea! Something has changed, regardless of what Ms. Bigelow says to the contrary. It was because it changed that I came to this page today and read the reviews of many others who have said the same thing about the obvious change in your product. I am afraid you have lost yet another long time customer. The new flavor is not enticing or aromatic or something I want to drink. I would love to continue to be a loyal customer if you would please restore your CC product to what it once was. Ric
by Iza from Coral Gables on 10/25/2014 7:51:57 AM
Bought the new NOT IMPROVED black tea CONSTANT COMMENT and we are CONSTANTLY COMMENTING how awful it is!!! The wonderful mysterious flavor is GONE GONE!!!! Don't buy this black tea thinking it's ANYTHING LIKE THE CONSTANT COMMENT OF OLD.
Constant Comment disappointmentment
by alma from Miami on 10/24/2014 4:41:10 AM
Sadly, Constant Comment is not what it used to be. Back in 1975, I tasted CC at a friend's house and fell in love with it. I have been drinking CC since then, however, it has changed. Why change a successful product? This doesn't sound like a good business move. Yes, it is acceptable, but it is not the real CC. The old box was fine, why even change that? CC drinkers were accustomed to it and we could easily find it by its looks. OK, so you wanted to look different, but why change the taste? Now, just like it happened when you changed the box, I cannot find it anywhere. Why are the supermarket's shelves empty? Are you changing packaging again? Are you going back to the old recipe? That would be very welcome news,, all loyal customers would be extremely happy if you reversed to the old CC. It had lots of orange flavor, and spices that could be tasted. Please don't leave us without our morning waking tea.
Something is Different.
by Vicki from Woodstock on 10/21/2014 9:09:27 AM
I must agree with the reviewers that say something is different with the tea. It's not just the label that's different. However, if a tea is going to be called Black Tea then it should be black tea. If a tea is going to be "Constant Comment" then it should be tea with oranges and sweet spice. I can't taste (and smell?) the oranges and sweet spice like I once could. I have drunk this tea since the 1970's.
The change in taste of Constant Comment (rind of oranges and sweet spices
by Gary from Sherman, TX on 10/13/2014 1:13:00 PM
Several family members and I have noticed a change in taste of our favorite type of your signature Constant Comment. A rep. from your company said she was going to send me a envelope, so I could send a tea bag of the one before the package changes and one of the new one. She said it would be sent to the lab for comparison, and send me the results of their finding. I will post again after the results are received by me. I found the taste of the newest one was bitter (or better description) had an after-taste I wasn't use to and weaker. I've been using this tea a very long time. Who knows it might be time for a change of brands!!!! Bigelow might be seeing other customers saying good-bye.
Hate to say it, but it's true
by Michael from Murphysboro on 10/6/2014 5:25:30 PM
Cindi, I appreciate your attention to the comments of Bigelow customers and CC lovers. Constant Comment is my only departure from a particular black tea to which I am partial and it has been a favorite of mine since childhood. I too detect a change in CC tea. The flavor is not as bright overall, and the individual flavors are muddled--the citrus is barely detectable. I do hope you "find" and restore the old blend. Thank you, Michael
It does taste different
by Marcia from Chicago on 10/1/2014 8:12:32 AM
I regretfully join the chorus of people who say the tea had changed. I've been drinking it since the 70s. I was drinking Lemon Lift for a while and then went back to CC. It just doesn't have that fragrant spicy fruity flavor that made it so memorable. It basically tastes like plain black tea. This morning I tried two bags in one cup and it made no difference.
Taste good to me
by Bill from Menomonie on 10/1/2014 3:28:44 PM
I'm a tea drinker of 40-some years. Mostly I drink herb tea or normal black tea. I've never had Constant Comment (or even consciously known about) until getting a box that was on sale at the local grocery. I've had two cups and I think it's pretty good. People can get very sensitive when it comes to their personal routines and expectations, so I sympathize with those who feel abandoned or betrayed. But speaking as a neutral observer, this is pretty good tea. Flavor is smooth, the aromatics are well balanced. I can't imagine how their are so many vitriolic feelings about this tea.
What Changed?
by Christopher from Minneapolis on 9/11/2014 1:53:09 PM
I've been drinking Constant Comment for 38 years as my standard breakfast and morning beverage. I buy in bulk to save money, so when I ran out of Constant Comment, I bought a box at the grocery store while I searched for a good deal on a bulk buy. The tea is thinner, the spices don't seem to "pop" as it did on the last batch I had. What changed? I' haven't changed how I make my tea, nor the source of my water or the size of my tea mug. Not impressed with the current batch.
Still wonderful
by Carol from Anderson on 9/19/2014 8:45:43 PM
I too have been drinking Constant Comment for many years. If it has been changed, I'm okay with that because it's still delicious with that heavenly aroma. I don't find it bitter and I make it the traditional way with a kettle, rather than a Kcup. If I use a huge cup, I do use two bags, but I like my tea strong. Still perfect for me.
Where can I get the old constant comment
by Larry from Petaluma on 9/18/2014 1:27:34 PM
You've changed the flavor. I thought I would get used to the new. No way, bring back the old.
by Alice from LAUDERDALE, MS on 9/13/2014 7:05:49 PM
I have used this brand of tea for probably over 40 years. This is the only brand and flavor of tea that I like. Don't ever stop making this. I love this tea.
The tea is unchanged.
by Jeffrey from Chicago on 9/12/2014 10:58:46 PM
I've been drinking constant comment my entire life and this tea has not changed. It is just as perfect as it has always been.
Switched to Lipton tea
by Dennis from Worthington, OH on 9/12/2014 9:58:56 AM
I've been drinking and enjoying Constant Comment tea for well over 30 years. I always enjoyed and treasured the fragrant orange notes when sipping this tea in the morning. And, I have always managed to get two cups of tea from one bag. Now all of that has changed. It seems to be more bitter and weaker so that I can get only one cup per bag. Now, there is very weak orange essence too. I searched high and low for the old packaging (and I assume older formulation) with no success. Now, CC is as strong and bitter as even your Earl Grey tea. I now am purchasing and drinking Lipton tea (and I shudder at the thought) because it is cheaper and taste the same as CC. I would never have thought that I would be typing this last sentence but it is true. So long, trusted friend!
Bitter, Bitter, Bitter!
by Lisa from on 9/11/2014 11:24:13 AM
Why is it that a perfectly good thing has to change? It was PERFECT! Please, bring back the original.
Same Taste of Chldhood Memories
by Becki from Hibbing on 9/4/2014 3:08:55 PM
While I respect others comments and personal points of view, I respectfully disagree with most of what has been written here since April 2014. I have been drinking this tea on and off since I was probably 7 or 8 years old (I am 51). From my first taste, and to this day, it was, and remains, my most loved tea. I do not believe the "formula" of this tea has changed. I do however agree that there may be less tea per bag resulting in more frequent purchases, and the loss of potency of flavor (or in the use of more bags and less water). BUT, the flavor is ALL I remember it to be through the years. AND, even IF there was a change in the blend of this tea, and even IF there is less tea per bag, I will continue to be a loyal customer. I WILL NOT deny myself one of the most wonderful mind, body, and soul therapies I have ever known! ~Becki
Good flavor, could be better.
by Audrey from Wyoming on 8/23/2014 12:23:02 PM
Hello, This is a pretty good tea. In my opinion, this tea needs a little extra black tea and the strength of the whole tea increased slightly. I think this would make this a five star tea. I have given this tea a four star rating for those reasons. Audrey
by Victor from San Luis Obispo on 8/23/2014 11:37:42 AM
Unfortunately I to have noticed a change in the tea - not for the better. There definitely seems to be less orange rind flavor and content within the tea bags. Thank you for your comments about reviewing the tea. I have a suggestion - try brewing CC in an "after market" K cup in a Keurig machine and see if it matches your quality/taste standards? Perhaps this now very common practice is the cause of some issues? Perhaps a higher quantity of tea is need when using these machines?
New Constant Comment is not the same
by Stanley from Houston on 8/22/2014 3:37:48 PM
The tea that I've enjoy for years no longer exists. The new iteration of C.C. does not have the same bold flavor. The taste is now thick and muddied. The orange and spice aroma and flavor are masked…very disappointed with the “New” C.C. If I had known, I would have bought a couple of cases of the pre-changed tea.
Very disappointed and confused
by Kris from Glenwood Springs on 8/22/2014 2:57:51 PM
I, too, found the new packaging confusing. I never remember the box saying "black tea" on it. I looked at EVERY tea box on the shelf at our local City Market because I wasn't sure that this new box was the brand my husband wanted. I bought it because it said "constant comment" on it. He brewed a cup and said " this isn't the right tea". I searched the internet and found this site with all the negative reviews. When I read one review about the taste being more like English Breakfast flavor and it's more bitter then the "old" CChe said, yes, that's right! He says it also lacks the traditional orange flavor he's used to. And he's been drinking this tea for over 40 years! So clearly something has changed. We won't be buying this again. Sad that the company says nothing has changed when clearly something has.
Zero Stars for Constant Constant Comment
by William from Nashvillle, TN on 8/17/2014 8:08:19 PM
Cindi, You lie. You and others at Constant Comment do not have any taste buds or do not drink the tea. I have drunk Constant Comment for decades and I have thrown away my package of the new formulation after using the first bag. I will not buy another packaged of the changed formulation. Sorry I could not give the product zero stars.
terrible taste- change back
by Carol from Joshua Tree on 7/25/2014 8:57:09 AM
Lost another customer! The new black tea Constant Comment is no longer a good tasting...now it is going to be "bad constant comments" to all I talk to. Please return to the old recipe.
Cindi Bigelow, President & CEO,hears you and responds
by Cindi from Fairfield on 8/4/2014 2:20:15 PM
As a family company, we appreciate each and every comment found in our product reviews, and read each one very closely. We want you to know that we realize that these comments are being made by some of our most loyal and long term tea drinkers, who know the product best, and need to communicate to us that the taste is definitely not what they remember. I am also reading that the words "black tea" on the front panel of our new design is presenting some confusion. Black tea has always been the base ingredient in "Constant Comment" and was/is the first item listed in our ingredient statement. Our recipe always begins using hand-picked black tea from the top of the Sri Lankan Mountains, which is then carefully blended with our special recipe of orange and sweet spices. My parents are still the only ones that actually create "Constant Comment". I can promise you that we are still buying the EXACT same ingredients from the same suppliers. We continue to blend the “Constant Comment” following the same steps, absolutely no short cuts. Although we do taste all our raw ingredients prior to creating this "special blend recipe" the fact that you are not pleased with the flavor, has prompted us all to work as hard as possible to determine the cause. Our entire family reputation is based on the integrity of our name. We cannot and would not change my grandmother's recipe, as it’s this particular recipe that built our company. So I can promise you we all will be drinking "CC" here at Bigelow and overseeing our raw ingredients EVEN more carefully than ever, but we are 100% not changing our original recipe. Please know our commitment and dedication to that original recipe created by my grandmother in her kitchen is as strong today as it was when I joined the company 30 years ago. With deep appreciation for your passion to our products, Cindi
by David from Tulsa on 8/3/2014 5:48:41 PM
I've enjoyed Constant Comment 45 years. What happened? Did someone on your manufacturing line accidentally mix other teas in with it? It tastes like a blend between Earl Grey and Peppermint; YUK!!! Constant Comment had always been by far my most favorite tea (at least 4 cups a day). I feel betrayed. If in fact this was the result of a new blend and not a mistake, please take a lesson from Pepsi and Coke who both attempted new recipes with disastrous results.
Watery tasting Constant Comment
by sherry from oakley on 7/21/2014 12:50:32 AM
I used to love Constant Comment. Didn't buy it for a while and recently bought 2 boxes. Very watery now, very little flavor and looks to me like 1/2 the tea in a bag too. Wow. You guys are going to lose your customers.
A Sad Day
by Elizabeth from Dallas on 7/18/2014 8:45:17 AM
As noted by many others, Constant Comment has changed for the worse. I was hoping that I had bought a bad batch but after reading other comments I see that the mix has changed. The new mix is weak and flavorless. My daughter is a the third generation to drink Constant Comment in our family. This is to say, we have been drinking Constant Comment for over half a century. It is a family tradition. If I do not see "Original Mix" across the box I will not be buying Constant Comment again. It is a sad day.
Less is not more
by Al from Centennial on 7/12/2014 9:44:24 AM
I want to express my disappointment in your decision to save a few cents and reduce the quantity of tea per bag. I would think the savings are negligible as your costs for packaging have to be way more significant. I have made sun tea with Constant Comment for many years. This summer I really noticed that the amount of tea in each bag is significantly less. I hope you get the message that many of us are sending you.
something has changed
by Lillian from Murrells Inlet on 7/11/2014 1:29:36 AM
I have been drinking your Bigelow constant comment tea for 20 yrs, we loved this tea. Then something happened, the taste changed, and not for the good. Everyone in the family could tell there was a change in the taste. Not enough orange, and toooooo much spice. I have had to buy another brand of tea, and add my own orange rind for flavor. I can see others are not likeing the flavor either. Please change it back
What Happened?
by Valerie from Turlock on 6/30/2014 12:41:50 PM
I give this a "one-star" as this is a complaint. I have been noticing a difference in the quality of this tea, and am very disappointed in the company for changing their standards. If it does not get remedied, I will find another basic tea and infuse it with orange and clove myself. I have been a loyal customer for decades, so this is big disappointment.
Where are the spices?
by Betty from Danville on 6/17/2014 5:00:46 AM
Purchased my usual four boxes of Constant Comment yesterday, made a cup this morning. Tasted it and poured it out, wondering what went wrong with my every morning tea I have drank for the last 10 years.I made another cup and it tasted just as bad, as if all the spices have been left out, and has a terrible bitter taste. I was hooked years ago with my first cup and drink several cups each morning.Please bring back the original!!
My old friend is back
by Carol from San Antonio on 6/13/2014 2:17:59 PM
I have sympathy for people who are dismayed when something is changed, so I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. I was drinking Constant Comment, 2 large cups in the morning and often a cup at night, daily since the 80's until maybe 3 or 4 years ago (unsure on exact date). It used to be my one luxury when I scrimped on everything else. A few years ago it started tasting like the spices were not blending into the background or something, maybe too much orange rind, I have no idea. Hard to describe but it seemed more pungent than aromatic, and bitter (not quite the right word), unlike what I was used to. I thought maybe my tastes had changed after menopause or something, it didn't occur to me the recipe might have changed. I finally quit drinking it after all those years. I tried it again this month and now it seems back to being more like I remember when I used to drink it all the time. I had assumed when I quit liking it that maybe it was something about me (thought possibly I was becoming sensitive to a spice such as the orange rind or something), but now the tea is good again so maybe it wasn't me. Anyway, I would like it to stay the way it is, I am back to drinking it! I am basing this on the 40 count box, which never tasted the same as the 20 count, will have to try the 20 count. I am so glad to have this back.
What have you done to our tea?
by Bobbie from Hamilton on 6/12/2014 11:49:53 AM
Been drinking this for years and now it does not taste the same… What happened?
My long time favorite tea
by Janet from Arlington on 6/3/2014 11:33:22 AM
Would you pretty please make this tea in k-cups? :)
Constant Comment
by Sandra from Houston on 5/23/2014 5:29:39 PM
You have changed the flavor, WHY???? Please offer Constant Comment in K-Cup and bring back that great flavor!!!
Constant Comment constantly changing
by Leslie from Houston on 5/19/2014 10:27:27 PM
I still remember when one tea bag of Constant Comment tea could deliver 2 cups of wonderful orangy flavorful brew. Around the time of the new box design, I needed 2 tea bags for one cup that was still mildly weak but still had the orange tones. Now the the Constant Comment box I bought last week tastes more like your English Breakfast tea and I only need one bag per cup. The pouch it is packed in smells right, almost like you are spraying the pouches with orange essence. But the tea bags do not smell orangy at all and the bits of orange are so small, they are not even visible. Like the other reviewers, I would rather spend more if you are doing this to keep costs down and get the Constant Comment tea that I remember.
Constant Comment Black Tea
by Ruth from Raleigh on 5/9/2014 6:14:43 PM
I have been drinking this tea every morning for many, many years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know what you did when you redesigned the box and I guess the tea, but it is not the same. As others have said, I will have to find a new morning tea. There is no flavor and it is very weak. Sorry, you'll be losing another customer.
Changed Constant Comment
by Lori from Roann on 5/6/2014 5:53:18 AM
I tried to think that it was just me. However I found some "old" boxes of Constant Comment at my local mom and pop grocery store and bought them out. in side by side trials with both kinds of tea the old one has far more taste and aroma. The new box is weak, thin, and really has a bitter, quality. Whatever you have done PLEASE undo!
Constant Comment
by Rowena from San Diego on 4/25/2014 6:56:11 PM
I have been drinking Constant Comment for 50 years. Really. Probably 4 cups per day. But recently, you changed to a strong black tea which is bitter and unpleasant. I cannot taste the orange or spice at all: just the unpleasant strong tea similar to strong Scottish tea. I can't drink it and am looking for an alternative. Whatever you did, you have lost a long-term customer. And I do love my tea...
by Lynn from Centereach on 4/27/2014 12:59:02 PM
I fell in love with this tea years ago. Then something changed!!!! I thought is was me. Then suddenly I realized the reason I was not getting the full flavor of the tea was that the "COMPANY" DOWNSIZED the tea leaves causing people like me to use LESS water OR MORE teabags per cup! AGAIN paying more for LESS!!!!! I would rather pay more and have the same great taste of the tea that I fell in love with than the watered down tea they have been selling for years!!!!
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