Chocolate Chai Tea - Case of 6 boxes (120 tea bags total)
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Introducing a new way to love chocolate! We started with our delicious spicy chai tea, and then added a hint of delectable sweet chocolate, swirled them together and voilà…a decadent treat without any guilt. With a little bit of milk and sweetener this tantalizing treat might just become your new best friend.
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black tea, low-fat alkalized cocoa powder, spices, natural dark chocolate flavors with other natural flavors

Caff-O-Meter content per serving

We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

Flavor Profile
Taste Profile
perfect marriage of chocolate and exotic spices
Toasty, chocolatey
Medium brown with coppery hue
Recommended Temperature
208º F
Steeping Instructions

Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.


Pour over tea bag, steep for 2 to 4 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).

For Iced Tea by the Glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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chocolate chai tea
by kathy from anderson on 1/8/2018 6:09:39 PM
my husband loves this tea. can't find it in any of our grocery stores so we decided to order it direct.
chocolate chai
by Mona from Boston on 9/27/2017 3:17:24 PM
Incredibly DELICIOUS ! !
by John from Anaheim, CA on 8/22/2017 9:11:45 AM
Did you know? CHAI is a Hindi word meaning Tea: This didn't taste anything like chocolate chai. I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spicy chocolate w/ a caffeine kick
by Karen from Tabernacle on 12/30/2015 8:10:09 PM
I like to have it with cream and honey. It's like Spicy Hot Chocolate with a caffeine kick. Love it for my afternoon boost
I really like this tea!
by Paddy from Albuquerque NM on 4/14/2015 2:33:32 PM
I really enjoy this tea. I like several flavors of your brand, & I have taken many of the different flavors to the VA where I volunteer twice weekly. I am allowed to bring them since all of the teas are individually wrapped. The guys & gals really appreciate having the assortment & the choice of not ALWAYS having to drink coffee. Of course, I was asked if I'd bring in tea-flavored tea, so I broke down & bought some of that "flavor" as well. Thanks, Bigelow Tea Company, for helping me bring a bit of choice into our Heroes' lives!
Tasty tea
by Ann Marie from Goffstown on 4/7/2015 12:14:36 PM
Hi this tea is very enjoyable I've tried both the chocolate and spiced chai. I usually drink it without cream. However , after reading some reviews that maybe something to try! One other question I have what does -g mean under sugar in the nutritional info. Thanks.
by Crystal from Ellenburg Deopt on 10/4/2014 8:17:56 AM
This tea blends just the right amount of chocolate and chai so both are there without being overpowered by the other.
Good strength, needs honey
by Audrey from Wyoming on 8/23/2014 12:31:16 PM
Hello, This is tea has plenty of strength. However, the chocolate and chai tea blend are not blended together very well. That are actually both strong and are competing with one another and there is some bitterness that is not appreciated. This tea would be great and become a five star tea with some honey to make it a Honey Chocolate Chai tea. It basically needs a dry honey equivalent of 1/2 tsp honey. This brings the flavors together, gets rid of the bitterness and also brings a very nice sweetness to the tea. Also, Honey Chocolate Chai sounds a lot more interesting than just Chocolate Chai. I have given this tea a three star rating for those reasons. Audrey
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