We at Bigelow Tea are serious about our commitment to the environment as reflected in the many energy conservation steps we have implemented throughout our operations and distribution networks. We have made significant progress in developing new strategies to reduce our impact, including installing solar panels at our company's headquarters and ensuring efficiency of our manufacturing equipment and processes.


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Sharing Bigelow’s Greening Successes

On April 11, 2013, I was fortunate enough to have a chance to present Bigelow Tea's sustainability successes to the Leadership for Greater Bridgeport Class 24.

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Boise Saves Water

Did you know that Boise, Idaho is in a desert?  Receiving only 11.7 inches of precipitation per year, the Boise area is known as a high desert.

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Water conservation in Boise

There is a lot of conjecture upon what's causing our earths increasing weather fluctuations, could it be climate change or global warming? One thing is for certain, our water resources are becoming harder to sustain and is becoming...

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Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Kroon Hall

I recently had the pleasure to go to Yale University and specifically the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. It was my second trip there as a few years back,

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3rd Sustainability Round Table a Healthy Success

Our 3rd Sustainability Round Table was hosted by family owned Hubbell Heaters at their headquarters in  Stratford, CT.  This time, the focus was on Wellness; Hubbell is in the forefront in terms of offering employees options...

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