We at Bigelow Tea believe if we do the right thing, good things will follow. By installing 880 solar panels at our Connecticut headquarters, we are contributing to protecting the earth by supporting renewable energy and reducing emissions. We are proud of our effort; each year, the solar array produces about 200,000 kWh, enough energy to power 527 homes for an entire year. This translates to a reduction in pollution roughly equivalent to 200,000 car miles removed from the highways each year.

Our Solar Panel Array

On August 14, 2007, Bigelow Tea welcomed Governor Jodi Rell to the new solar installation as she introduced the most comprehensive energy efficiency bill in Connecticut's history.  Living up to the "Do One Thing" program's call for conserving energy, Bigelow's solar installation is one of the state's largest, and it will provide 10% - 15% of the facility's power demand each year.

The incorporation of alternative energy sources - solar panels - reduces energy costs associated with lighting and running the facility while benefiting the environment.  The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) helped support this $1.5 million initiative by assisting with funding.

"Bigelow Tea is proud to welcome such a notable alternative energy initiative,"  said Cindi Bigelow, President.  "Just as Governor Rell is calling upon businesses and individuals within the state to do their part, Bigelow Tea feels passionate about taking an active step toward greening Connecticut and helping protect Planet Earth."

Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow and Cindi Bigelow look on with local politicians as Governor Rell signs the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Bill at Bigelow Tea Headquarters in Fairfield, CT.