Energize. Focus. Relax.

Liquid energy has become one of the hottest product segments over the past decade. Between the energy drink explosion and trendy coffee shops seen on almost every corner, consumers are feeding the need to charge-up as they get up, stay productive mid-afternoon, and burn the midnight oil.                
The Frazzle-Free Fuel
New to the category—but a very familiar brand to hot beverage enthusiasts—is American Breakfast Tea by Fairfield, Conn.-based Bigelow Tea. Introduced in October 2014, the naturally formulated line of black teas boast a 50 percent increase in caffeine over the average cup of tea and comes in three satisfyingly delicious flavors: Black Tea, Black Tea and Lemon, and Black Tea and Honey.
American Breakfast Tea will certainly provide the lift needed for those seeking a boost at different times of the day, but it uniquely comes without the rush-and-crash effect that often occurs when drinking coffee. The core reason for this can be explained in one word that may have people revisiting their hot beverage choice in the future: Theanine.

Theanine is a unique, naturally occurring amino acid found in tea that energizes, motivates, and simultaneously soothes—allowing for the positive effects of caffeine to shine through, while removing the uneven/speedy feelings that can be problematic for many.
“The lift from the caffeine in tea is different from that of coffee because tea has the added benefit of Theanine, a naturally occurring component in tea” explains Bigelow’s President and CEO, Cindi Bigelow. “Studies have shown this unique combination gives tea drinkers a sustained energy boost and, at the same time, a feeling of relaxation and focus similar to what is achieved through meditation.”
Recharging capacity, stress relief, improved concentration, and enhanced creativity are often cited as tangible byproducts of meditation.  Any similarities to its benefits can only be viewed as a positive.

Proud Supporter Of The USO
We have been partnering with the USO for years and donating millions of tea bags annually to our troops serving around the globe.  As a proud supporter of the USO, we at Bigelow created the American Breakfast tea line to help build awareness for the USO and the great programs it offers our troops and their families throughout their service.  All of us at Bigelow are proud of the small part we play in supporting these invaluable men and women working to keep our country safe.   This sort of patriotic initiative is nothing new for Bigelow Tea. In 2009, it created the Tea for the Troops program, featuring a customized package filled with a tea, 100 percent grown on American soil on the 120-acre Bigelow-owned Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island, due south of Charleston, S.C. The tea has been delivered across the globe—to Iraq and Afghanistan and USO facilities in airports where troops stay on their way to and from deployment, along with VFW chapters and VA hospitals. The tea was created solely for the troops and is not for retail sale, serving as a way for the company to thank those who serve and have served our nation with a truly American product that provides soldiers “warmth and a touch of home,” as Cindi aptly describes.

“This is the least we can do to thank them for the sacrifices they make so we can enjoy the freedoms we all share. In our own way, each of us—companies and individuals—should express our gratitude for what these military men and women have done so selflessly,” adds Cindi. To date, almost 4 million tea bags have been distributed, which, when combined with American Breakfast proceeds, certainly helps U.S. troops know that their work is appreciated back on American soil.

Providing a delicious taste of home isn’t all Bigelow does. The company is also a proud sponsor of Warrior Week (May 25 to May 31, 2015), an event in its second year that takes place in Virginia Beach, VA, as part of the Patriotic Festival, which this year features performances by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Colt Ford and Alabama during the last weekend of May. Warrior Week, which last year had over 550 participants, features outdoor recreational activities such as bicycling, kayaking, horseback riding, and more, for veterans and their families..
Among those who will be attending is Cindi Bigelow. Cindi will be making her way to Virginia Beach on May 29, 2015 during the last leg of the Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge alongside veteran and Bigelow Project Manager Tim Richmond. Honor Rides let the public ride with healing heroes and enlisted military on a noncompetitive, fun ride. Ride 2 Recovery began in 2008 as an alternate therapy for wounded warriors and, aside from the Honor Ride, now holds six multiday challenges for veterans. One of last year’s Honor Rides included a special stop at Bigelow’s Louisville, Ky., plant and it left a lasting impression on all who attended.

“Showing our support and giving them a warm welcome was meant to honor them,” explains Cindi, “but, truly, it was we who were honored.”

Everyone Wins
Through its support of Warrior Week, Ride 2 Recovery, and its own Tea for the Troops program, Bigelow Tea has tangibly displayed a passion for the US military that continues to grow over time. This support is a wonderful added benefit to the American Breakfast Tea product that’s robust enough to deliver the caffeinated boost consumers need in a soothing, great tasting hot beverage. And that’s a win-win all the way around.  

*50% more caffeine for long-lasting energy