“Tea doesn't appreciate the company of heat, light, air, or moisture.” Cindi Bigelow

At Bigelow, we’re so proud of our tea recipes -- and everything that goes into making them, that we take extra steps to lock in flavor and freshness for your enjoyment.

To ensure Bigelow’s fresh, pristine flavor each and every time you brew, our tea bags are individually wrapped in foil pouches to shield delicate tea leaves from air, moisture and surrounding aromas, locking in flavor and freshness. 

Whether you take them along in your pocket or purse, or enjoy them at home, the result is self-evident every time you open a pouch of Bigelow tea and take a whiff and brew up a cup.

And, in keeping with our commitment to “green manufacturing,” the rest of the packaging – box, strings, tags and tea bags – is completely recyclable.

We're excited to share Bigelow's New Look with you!

We carefully reviewed each panel of our box to see how we could tell consumers more about the Bigelow brand - from our efforts to create the best recipes possible, to how we got started as a company, why we put our tea in foil pouches and much more.

We're proud that our newly designed packaging not only does a better job of sharing with consumers who we are as a company, and as a family, but also makes it easier to shop for, prepare and enjoy Bigelow Teas.

Watch video to learn more: